Ben's experience and skill set him in a unique position as a musical director. From a background demanding the highest standards of performance and musicianship, Ben has continually worked with artists on the cusp of modern music; absolute fluency with the technology demanded being a must. 


  • Faithfully reproducing the records, tailored toward the right performance. 
  • Working in partnership with any management/label to ensure budgets are strictly met. 
  • Incorporating technology to develop a suitable playback system for the project.
  • Sourcing the right musicians for your project, guaranteed to deliver musically, aesthetically, and professionally. 
  • Designing a rig that you can rely on to deliver each and every time, no matter the venue. 
  • Rehearsing with the band and artist, to achieve the best result possible.
  • Helping the artist instil confidence in their performance, taking the steps to smooth out any nervousness ahead of key shows. 
  • Managing timetables to ensure rehearsals progress quickly. 
  • Working with all members of the touring crew (TM, FOH, Monitors), to guarantee your show will be the best it can possibly be.