BACK AGAIN! Hello everyone, welcome to my annual round-up blog post.

This year has been one of significant personal and professional growth. The leg-work put in over most of my 20’s is finding it’s way to show me that my energies are going into a good place. It’s a tremendous feeling, but not one to be rested upon; I still know I have many a mountain to climb. The life of a musician is a wild beast which, when you think you finally understand it, finds a way of instantaneously morphing into something altogether more beastly and more complex. This simultaneously delights and terrifies me, but for better for worse, it’s the thing that gets me up in the morning and keeps the fire in my belly!

Kicking Off


And so it is to January, where I had the immense privilege of being integrated into the live set up for artist Tom Walker, stepping in for drummer/MD-supreme Ali Thynne. Making new friends, and meeting a new musicians is what I love most about this job, and here I was unbelievably lucky to do just that.

Occasionally a musician will play a gig where the energy from the audience is so utterly powerful that it’s almost tangible. When an artist is right on the brink of mega stardom - there is something really special about the energy both on stage and in the audience. When the two combine at shows like this, it creates moments that get definitively placed in the ‘gigs to remember’ folder. Here’s a clip from the BBC Big Weekender show, where I experienced exactly that.

time off

IMG_6354 2.JPG

After a busy January, a long awaited holiday was due. So we trotted off to Brazil for a couple of weeks! It didn’t take an awful lot for me to fall utterly in love with the country - and that’s even before I heard the music there. Rhythms and melodies wound their way round the beautifully dilapidated streets of Rio De Janeiro; we stepped into a postcard in the breathtakingly gorgeous island of Ilha Grande; and tapped out a rhythm with suitcases, dragging them between the deep wedges of cobbled pavements in the candle-lit streets of Paraty. Here I am as I take to the skies above Rio. I wasn’t nervous, promise!


back to the kit

Over to Spring, back from Brazil and reenergised, ready for plenty more music. So a new artist was on the horizon, a brilliant German-Canadian singer by the name of Bülow. I’d heard her music online and found myself to absolutely dig it, so I was really chuffed when the opportunity to play for her arrived. After a whirlwind of rehearsals we headed to the VEVO stage at Brighton’s Great Escape festival.


Concurrent to working with Bülow I’d begun working with another incredible new artist, Astraea, who shortly after featuring on this year’s Barcleycard commercial, was preparing for her debut band show at London’s stunning St Pancras Old Church (a classic venue for launching new artists). Here’s a shot which sums up how completely vibe-y the show was. More new people, more new experiences; truly in my element.


While gigging and rehearsing over the start of the year, I was burning the midnight oil in creating my first solo-events project, ULTIMATUM. This was quite an ambitious feat to say the least…but a few good friends and business partners provided the support to help me actualise it and make it a real thing. Check it out here - bring on the first shows in 2019!

more bloody running


Over the past few years I’ve developed a love for running; so as the summer arrived I couldn’t resist getting stuck in to another running event, this time it was Hackney Half. I managed a time of 1:44; something I’m immensely proud of. Shortly after this brought another show with Tom Walker and the gang. This time is Arras, France - playing to a wonderful, enthusiastic crowd of 20,000. I had to whack extra hard so they could all hear me.

Tom Walker France5.jpg

Kew the Music

Another highlight of the Summer’s shows was performing at Kew the Music with the wonderful Jazz Morley, in support of Jooles Holland. It’s a joy and a privilege to perform with such an incredible singer and songwriter - she amazes me every time!

Before lots of people

Before lots of people

After lots of people

After lots of people

New friends and old


As August came in I was over the moon to be asked to perform with an exiting new artist, Declan J Donnovan, alongside two of my good friends and thoroughly trusted musical colleagues, musical director Mike Park and multi-instrumental machine Scott Nelson. Having worked together on a number of occasions, it was a breeze getting gig-ready with this hugely talented singer songwriter.


What lies ahead


As we loom ever closer to Brexit, what lays ahead for touring musicians remains uncertain. It was for this reason that I decided to launch my own campaign, aimed at raising awareness of this, which I called Keep Music Mobile. I enjoyed speaking with a many musicians, as well as the ever-helpful Musician’s Union on the subject, who have since launched their own pro ease-of-movement campaign. What things will look like this time next year - who knows, but as ardent remainer, I want to do everything I can to stop Brexit completely; at least bringing things back to a People’s Vote. Here’s a shot from London’s People’s Vote march in November, where 700,000 people turned out. Can they afford to be ignored?

2019 and up


2018 was a significant landmark in my life, and it’s left me filled with excitement for next year. I’m finishing this year’s post with a shot taken at the top of the Willis Tower, Chicago - where my Uncle and I, as big fans of all things U.S, went for a trip a few weeks back. I wasn’t nervous at all, I SWEAR!!



WELL THAT was a quick one wannit?

Scientists confirmed that 2017 was officially the fastest year to date. 

Anyway, welcome to my Annual Round-Up blog; a post reflecting on my year and the lessons learned. All Bold stuff is a link so get involved! 


show 'n' tell

The year kicked off with a trip to Platform One College of Music, on the Isle of White, where I delivered a ‘life as a working musician’ seminar to the brilliant young students there. It was a completely new experience, and if ever the mantra ‘you learn from your students as much as you teach them’ were to apply, it was on this occasion. Having to compile everything I’ve learned in my career so far to a concise and relatable format, combined with the inquisitive and thorough questioning from the students, triggered the beginning of what became my Musician’s Survival Project, or MSP - something which began officially in February as a series of blog posts, and which is currently in the process of being turned in to something much bigger. So, to quote Noddy Holder, 'watch this space'…

head space

Bitte Scnell! Sehr, sehr lecker. 

Bitte Scnell! Sehr, sehr lecker. 

After refining the format of the MSP, I headed out to Berlin to catch up with my old friend Simon, dust off my Deutsch, and get in the right head space to complete the Musician's Survival Project (the smog of London can cloud the mind as well as the skies). The bleak chill of a wintery Berlin really focussed my ideas, and I finished the majority of the series over a few days in a blur of German beer and life-changing kebabs.

SDS2 copy.png

In the Meantime, my good friend and serious ting graphic designer Hugh Huntingford got to work finalising the graphics for the first series of the MSP.


Baring in mind this post-it note is what I gave him to work with, you can kind of appreciate how serious ting his skills are. Click his name above and check him out! 


an unexpected call

After arriving back from Berlin I was called on a video shoot for Acer Laptops, one of those 'if someone would have asked me last week what I was gonna be doing this week' moments - a super fun last minute call! 


South by south west

All of a sudden it was time to knuckle down and prepare for Austin’s South By South West festival. I was due to be heading there with the brilliant Casi - an artist part of the Roc Nation contingent. HOLY MACARONI it was like nothing I have ever experienced. We were booked to play three showcases, and each were to bring a unique set of challenges. I’d had the time to learn every last detail of the set up, so was well prepared going in to the chaos - but sometimes there are those problems that you can’t anticipate. They arrive on your plate saying ‘OK SOLVE ME NOW PLZ THX’. Fortunately, we were all given as good a heads-up as is possible by some great people at the pre-SXSW hang out organised by PRS (big ups to Natti of Fickle Friends for the ‘forget about using wedges and go with IEM’s' tip-off - this helped). 

Anyway, SXSW was an eye-opening experience of personal and professional growth. So anyone heading out there in 2018, put the work in before you go and be sure there’s nothing about your gig you don’t know. Feel free to email me if you want some pointers.  There’s no festival like it, and it really sorts the wheat from the chaff. The arabica from the robusta. Know what I mean? Check out the video to see how our performance went.


maida vale sessions


Shortly after we arrived home, it was straight into Maida Vale studios with Casi to record for Huw Stephens' new music show. The experience couldn’t have been more juxtaposed to the fast-paced madness of SXSW - we had all the time we wanted to achieve the best result possible. We were even gifted with a string quartet, arranged by the brilliant Dr. Owain Llwyd of North Wales’ Bangor University - a huge pleasure working with such talents.




a blast from the past

A nice surprise arrived at the door in July as the deliveryman transported me back to 2011 by handing me this. Back in 2011, I tracked some drum parts for Ed Sheeran on his first album, working alongside superstar producer Charlie Hugall. A sincere thanks to Team Ed for sending this my way - it sits pride of place in my flat. To boot, I was privileged to be featured in an article by DRUM! magazine, which I've read since I was a kid. Gratitude is key!


back where i belong

Back behind the kit in April, I joined up with The Beach once again for a headline at Camden Assembly. It’s always a treat playing with this super talented young song writer, and this show didn’t disappoint. Here’s a clip of us performing his single Bite My Tongue - look out for plenty more music coming from him in 2018!


another last minute call

One more last minute call came in courtesy of my good friend and brilliant drummer Jonny Brister, where I covered for him in the Someone Like You: The Adele Songbook theatre show. I got to sit back and knuckle down with my favourite way to play: big fat chunky grooves with some monster fills in *just* the right place. 

front man

After a joyfully drum-orientated year-so-far, I got to keep my frontman skills honed by gigging with my own project, Cassicus. Check out the clip here, where I was extremely lucky to be backed up by some great players and friends, James, Rudi, Tom and Matt. 



Swim 130 miles from here in a straight line and you'll be in Scotland. Easy! 

Swim 130 miles from here in a straight line and you'll be in Scotland. Easy! 

Having gotten to know the team at Bangor University' through my work with Owain Llwyd, I was invited there to join the music department for a music seminar. I had the chance to talk about my career so far, and the process behind creating my Musician’s Survival Project - which since the beginning of the year I had refined. North Wales is a stunning place at the best of times, but in the middle of summer the train ride across the North Welsh coast to Bangor was a beautiful thing. 

Chatting to more wonderful students alongside a panel of incredible people and professionals from across the industry. 

Chatting to more wonderful students alongside a panel of incredible people and professionals from across the industry. 


a musical direction

With Jazz Morley, headlining at St Pancras Old Church in October

With Jazz Morley, headlining at St Pancras Old Church in October

As the 2017 finish line drew closer, things were only just getting started with two new artists I'd begun working with as Musical Director and Drummer, Only Girl and Jazz Morley. Through my work with Casi and top notch MD Mike Park I'd learned a huge amount about building rigs tailored toward electronic artists, so I was able to take these new skills and apply them to brand new environments. Here's a clip of the Only Girl show, where we headlined the classic London venue Borderline in November this year. 

and across the line

With Autumn in full bloom, my good drummer friend Russ and I decided to jump in the Royal Parks Half to keep our bodies on the move while gigs quietened down for a brief period. Here's a snap of us looking a little past out best as we began to reach the notorious 8th mile.

Me, my sister Anna, bro-in-law Gabi, Russ and Lottie (and Lauren taking the pic)

Me, my sister Anna, bro-in-law Gabi, Russ and Lottie (and Lauren taking the pic)

Not forgetting my incredible mates who contributed their time and bakes to my bake sale, raising £650 for Prostate Cancer UK

one more for luck


I was honoured to be invited back to The Academy of Contemporary Music to deliver my final seminar of the year, the content for which I divided between drumming and my Musician's Survival Project. It's always a joy revisiting a place you experienced so much personal growth in. 

wrapping it up

This year was a year of great variety. A year of working-things-out on the fly. Settling in to the person I am now, and growing in to the person I see myself becoming. Among all the incredible things I consider myself unbelievably fortunate to experience, there are always the moments of immense difficulty that creep in. Between the gaps. I'm already way over my word count so won't go too deep now - but these experiences are already detailed in the content currently available in my Musician's Survival Project. So keep an eye out, and feel get in touch with me any time about anything at all. 


I'll leave you with my favourite shot of the year - a squad snap with Only Girl taken by the brilliant Lauren Marsh Photography. Good to see the MD is behaving like the consummate professional he is. 




Ben Scott.

A top squad of excellent musicians (from left), J, Ria, Ellen, Me, Scott

A top squad of excellent musicians (from left), J, Ria, Ellen, Me, Scott



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