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Welcome to #5 of the Seven Deadly Skills: SELF DRIVE

2015 and Onwards

It was around this time a year ago that I'd just come off the road drumming with Alex Vargas, in a stint supporting Jack Garratt. Traveling bundled together in a classic Splitter van, we had a great laugh even squeezing in a bit of time for some retro gaming.

Among the touring, it was great fun heading back to my music uni,  ACM, for a Masterclass with the students there. We had a great natter about what it is to work as a musician, and the key things you need to think about to get yourself out there and earning. The sights and smells of Guildford (that damn perfume shop that nearly made me throw up each time I walked past it) brought back a wash of memories from my student days...all perfectly above board of course.

Just after returning home, I got a call asking if I wanted to audition for a new RCA artist. I made my way there with my trusty Gretsch Catalina snare in tow,  and was greeted at the audition by MD Kojo Samuel, along with a friendly dude called George. A couple days later I was asked to join, which led to a great 2015 touring with The Beach. We cut our teeth as a unit in a lot of 200-300 cap venues across the UK and Europe, quickly settling in to playing with one another. After a couple of months we hit a few bigger shows and festivals, including supports with Tom Odell and James Bay, and a bit of telly for VEVO

A huge shout out to Protection RacketVater and Cosmic Ears, who have helped me out a great deal this year. 

In between the shows, we hit up the Snap Studios for some drum tracking, recording with Rich Cooper


I found time to plunge deeper in to memory lane by taking a trip back up to my school in North Yorkshire: Thirsk School. I couldn't overemphasise the importance of paying a visit the teachers who helped inspire you to have the confidence to do what you love for a job. Thank you Louise and Trevor. 

...not forgetting that time at KOKO Club NME when my goddam crash stand bailed on me half way through an outro.

Mistakes can sound good too.


This year I've played with some unbelievably gifted musicians - not least this lot to the left, for the deeply deep and funky pop duo WOWH. What an incredible experience it was to come together as friends, all of us helping to fulfil the vision of mega-dudes Nick Harrison and Toby Couling. It's a rare thing to be part of a group doing something for the love & friendshiprarer still for it to be a group of such musical badasses.



To the left, perhaps my favourite show of the year at Brixton Academy in support of Of Monsters and Men